Wednesday, December 23, 2015


This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been one of the most scripted and a tad bit boring.
Clearly, this cast of women do not like each other and probably would not interact with each other but for their Bravo contracts.
If you are a glutton for ratchet tv, you probably watched this past Sunday's episode and watched the violent confrontation involving Tammy McCall, Kenya Moore and former NBA basketball player Glen Rice Jr.
Here's how the violent confrontation went down.
Tammy met up with her so called nephew Glen and his male friend at a restaurant in Miami and then invited them back to the house where the ladies were staying during this staged healing trip.
Bravo rented a yacht to transport the cast members to and from the restuarant.
During their yacht trip back to the vacation home, it was clear that Mr. Rice was not feeling Miss USA. It was also equally clear that Rice has an anger management problem.  A snap, albeit somewhat disrespectful, from Kenya should not have evoked such hostility in the young man.
The group finally arrived back at the house and decided to hang out by the pool.  At some point, Glen made his way over to Kandi and Kim 'Tootie' Fields.  For some reason, Rice became angry with the very pregnant Kandi when he assumed she was not friendly enough towards him.  
Sidebar:  I have no idea why Bravo staff and security allowed this visibly unstable man anywhere near Kandi.  I digressed.
Rice eventually made his way back to Sheree and the other cast members.  At some point, Rice and Kenya had another awkward exchange which made Kenya uneasy.  Kenya then tells Tammy that Glenn is making her uncomfortable and therefore has to leave.
Sidebar:  Kenya is really throwing her weight around since she thinks she is Miss Bravo now that NeNe Leakes isn't around. This is like the third person she has ordered to be removed from a scene this season.  I digressed.
Tammy agreed and proceeded to walk Glen and his friend to the door.
True to her instigating and narcissistic self, Kenya approaches Glen to let him know, in front of the entire cast and Bravo staff, that he has to go because he was making her feel uncomfortable,  Clearly embarrassed and angered, Glen walks toward Kenya to give her a piece of his mind.  That's when all hell broke loose. 
Glen pushed his "Aunt" Tammy to the floor, which caused her to hit her head on the marble floor and being subsequently knocked unconscious.  Bravo security then tackles the very irate and violent Glen and escorts him from the house.
Later in the show, the women are divided into groups to discuss the mayhem that just took place.
Phaedra and Sheree, who were paired together, somehow strangely compared the violent events of the evening to the Black Lives Matter Movement, whose main focus is on protesting Black men being unjustifiably killed by cops.

Sidebar:  I guess Glen represented the Black men killed by cops and Kenya represented the racist cops who kill unarmed Black men.  

Phaedra and Sheree both blamed Kenya for escalating the situation that lead to Rice's angry and violent behavior and Tammy's injuries.
Well, it appears that Miss USA did not like being blamed for Rice's aggressively violent behavior. So she took to her Bravo blog to express her displeasure with Phaedra's Black Lives Matter comments.
Glen made me and Kandi uncomfortable on several occasions. He came in with a chip on his shoulder, calling us “b**** and hos.” This was difficult to witness. I clearly saw a pattern of disrespectful behavior. We were all drinking and having fun on the boat, but his first response to me snapping my fingers at him was aggressive and uncalled for. I laughed it off, but I noted it. He was then aggressive with Kandi, who is obviously pregnant. He threatened to show out “any b**** or hos try him or disrespect him,” and when politely asked to leave by Tammy, he charged at me calling me a “little b***” and pushed his own Aunt down to the ground.
I’m astounded by Phaedra’s blatant attempt manipulate the fans and incite anger against me. She stated that my reaction to Glen was the same as that of a “white women in suburbia” to an innocent Black boy walking down the street.
This had nothing to do with a “white women in suburbia” as Phaedra stated. Some men, like Glen, behave in a way that is unacceptable in society. We can feel a need to protect our men from unwarranted police brutality as in the Black Lives Matter campaign, but this is clearly not the same.
Further, if a man is acting in a threatening and aggressive manner thereby making women feel uncomfortable, we cannot ask them to leave? According to Kim Fields if we do, we are “hitting a hornet’s nest” and “provoking” a man. Shame on them! I do not have to accept a man’s abuse -- physical or verbal, black or white. Glen was abusive, period. I deserve to feel safe in my environment. I deserve protection. I deserve respect. This incident is not about a racial divide. I am a woman first.
These women are so resentful of my presence that they will always choose the side that is against me.  (Source)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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Former “Opie and Anthony” radio host Anthony Cumia was arrested on Sunday after allegedly beating his 26-year old girlfriend, Danielle Brand, who recorded a Periscope video showing her injuries and Cumia's erratic behavior after the assault. 

The 54-year old disgraced shock jock was subsequently charged with 2nd degree strangulation, 2nd degree unlawful imprisonment, 3rd degree assault and 3rd and 4th degree criminal mischief. 

According to, Cumia and Brand have been living in his Long Island home for over a year.  The couples' relationship has been described as violent and dysfunctional. “They fight constantly, and it gets ugly pretty often, but not enough for either one of them to leave,” the source stated. “She recorded another one of their fights a few months ago.”

On Monday afternoon, Cumia returned to his podcast and, true to his obnoxious and narcissistic form, made light of his arrest. 

According to
[Mon]day, Anthony Cumia returned to his live show only one day after being released from Nassau County Jail. Some of the details Cumia shared included meeting cops who are fans of his show and the Opie and Anthony Show, getting handcuffed in the ‘good’ way as opposed to the more uncomfortable way, being offered a meal of a warm baloney sandwich and a glass of warm milk, taking a side trip to the hospital because he didn’t have his medication with him, and experiencing a ride on the prison bus to be arraigned. Listeners seemed happy to hear Anthony joke about his situation, laugh at his predicament, and show that he wasn’t hiding anything. (Source)

Friday, December 11, 2015


This week I learned about another case on Twitter (obviously not covered by mainstream media) from the timeline of @OKCART4JUSTICE.  This time, the case involved an Oklahoma City officer raping 12 American Black women and a minor while on duty.

The fired officer and now convicted felon, whose name is Daniel Holtzclaw, was found guilty yesterday by an all-White jury on 18 of the 36 counts he was charged with in August 2014.

Although Holtzclaw was charged last year, he was not fired from the police force until January 2015.

After deliberating for 4 days, jurors chose punishments ranging from 5 to 30 years -  if served consecutively, would total 263 years.

Holtzclaw, who had been on the police force for 3 years, would prey on black female victims who lived in predominately poor neighborhoods and had brushes with the law.  He would pull them over and rape them at abandoned locations throughout Oklahoma City.  

Hotlzclaw finally came under investigation when a 56-year old grandmother filed a complaint against him for raping her.

At a press conference held today, 2 of the 13 victims, accompanied by Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump and his legal team, spoke to reporters about their traumatic and brutal ordeal:
"I was violated in June by a police officer," Janne Lygons, one the victims, said. "He did things to me I didn't think a police officer would do." 
Lygons said she felt that her life was in danger and thought that if she knew his name, he was going to kill her. She called police about the attack, which started the entire investigation. 
“I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was in survivor mode, so I had to do what he was making me do,” Sade Hill said.
Hill’s parents asked how Holtzclaw could have been operating so long and demanded that he get the harshest sentence possible.
Hill’s parents asked that several city leaders and state leaders be investigated. (SOURCE)
Grace Franklin, who is one of the founders of OKCART4JUSTICE, stated during the press conference that Holtzclaw was acquitted of raping or sexually abusing 5 of the 13 victims.  So 5 of the 13 victims did not receive justice with the guilty verdict.  

Holtzclaw will be formally sentenced on January 21, 2016.

Victims Speak

Guilty Verdict

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


YouTube Blogger and Journalist Tim Black interviews Gina Best, the Mother of slain Veteran India Kager, who along with her baby's father, Angelo Perry, were murdered by four white SWAT tactical officers on September 5, 2015 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.