Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Photo from RapRehab.com
Excerpts from the orginigal article published on RapRehab.com:
(NEW YORK) – What started out as an ugly dispute over platinum albums nearly a decade ago has turned into a landmark amicable settlement for an Atlanta-based music lawyer who sued Sony BMG Music Entertainment for telling urban artists not to use his law firm.
[Attorney Anthony] Walker filed a 13[-]count complaint alleging among other things that [ ] Verity Records [now called RCA Inspirational, a division] of Sony BMG[,] plotted consistently to defame his name[ ] and rip clients from his small Connecticut based law firm –which is currently relocating to Atlanta.  The label also allegedly threatened the artists if they used Walker’s services.The trial was scheduled to start on April 29th  in Bridgeport, CT, but the two parties agreed to an amicable settlement.
Filed nearly a decade ago in 2005, the law firm, led by Attorney Walker, accused Verity Records, Provident Distribution and Max Siegel, former Sony exec and President of Verity, with tortuously or illegally interfering with contractual relationships that the law firm had with dozens of artists.  The case received a plethora of national attention.
According to the lawsuit, the bad faith continued with a number of [high profile] clients told not to use the top-rated attorney [o]n their mega publishing and copyright deals. 
Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.
 “For every black attorney or black representative, whether manager, publicist or agent, who has been told that he or she is 2nd rate and cannot get the job done; we celebrate this lawsuit and settling it amicably,” said Walker.
Walker, a graduate of Howard and Yale and former in house counsel for the Source Magazine. He is also a regular guest contributor to CNN, BET, ABC, FOX, Court TV, HLN and Arise TV networks.  [H]e is [currently] working with the Granville Law Firm Group and the Greene Legal Group. (SOURCE)
You can read this article in its entirety at www.raprehab.com.

Sidebar:  Pearl clutch to AngieTweets12 on Twitter for alerting me about this story.